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Flowjet® – The perfect solution for your home

Our Flowjet® system protects pipelines from deposits in the area of ​​single-family houses and noticeably improves the water quality.

The Flowjet® technology works with electromagnetic impulses and completely dispenses with the use of chemicals – this is good for the environment and makes your water germ-free and healthy.

The Flowjet® system has been developed optimally for use in residential buildings and can be easily installed in any pipeline.

Flowjet FJM

The three-part system can be installed by a specialist in just a few simple steps – whether with existing pipes or new water pipes:

The Flowjet® control unit transmits electromagnetic frequency pulses to the stainless steel pipe, which loosen deposits, rust and germs from the pipe system. With a power consumption of max. 20 watts, the “central” of the system is a real energy saver.

The Flowjet® water treatment unit is installed by a specialist in the drinking and/or heating water circuit. The impulses generated by the center act directly where the water flows – inside the stainless steel pipe.

In the heating circuit, the Flowjet® filter system removes the degraded dirt from the pipe system without leaving any residue. If the Flowjet® is installed in the drinking water system, no filter is required. The loosened deposits are flushed out through the fittings in a very short time.

We, the Bauer WT Systems GmbH and all our partners always offer a solution tailored to the customer’s needs. With Flowjet® we also offer homeowners a completely maintenance-free, long-lasting and extremely reliable system – you only change the filter cartridges.

Put an end to limescale problems in pipes and household appliances

Environmentally friendly and healthy - completely without chemicals

Cecreasing energy costs by up to 30%.


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