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pipejet® – the efficient solution for industrial and building technology

In countless areas of application, pipejet® systems provide lasting protection against deposits, rust, biofilms and contamination. Water quality is significantly improved and kept stable. Systems remain clean and efficient.

The use of chemicals is reduced to a minimum, and in many applications expensive chemicals can even be dispensed with altogether.

Systeme und Fertigungsprozesse laufen effizienter, zuverlässiger und Wartungszeiten werden stark reduziert.

Pipejet PJM

Bauer WT Systems GmbH and all our partners always offer a solution tailored to the customer’s needs after analyzing the system together with the customer.

Our Pipejet® system is completely maintenance-free and durable – water-bearing systems can therefore be operated more reliably and efficiently.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Reliable and efficient systems

Clean water without energy-guzzling deposits

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